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Ever Have a Friendship Dissolve?

Our latest Book Arts project was to create a book – on any topic, in any format – out of Dissolvo. The “any topic” part is a bit misleading; if you submit a dissolving book on monkeys, frinstance, there’d better be some very good reason that you chose to use Dissolvo. The content has to match the materials, you see.

It’s also important to recall that my professor hates many things, books-in-boxes and “cute” little books among them.

Enter my book.

My book is called best friends. It is housed in an abandoned metal tin that I lined with pink sparkle-paper. I made a pink ribbon “belt” to hold it closed. Around the edges is paper with childish handwriting saying “will you be my friend? yes/no” with check boxes.

The bottom of the tin is also printed with the paper.

Open the box and voila! You see the actual book. The title is “written” using pink letter stickers.

If you hadn’t noticed before, here’s a picture that makes the format of the book pretty obvious. It’s a best friend’s necklace!

You rotate the pages to read it. This is the lefthand half of the book which, if you read it alone, tells a story of cute sweet friendship straight out of a 1950s childhood.

However, if you put both halves together, and read it then, you get an entirely different perspective on this friendship.

If you can’t read the words above, I’ll tell you what it reads.

One half: “You always finish my sentences. People laugh because you know me so well.”

Both halves: “You always interrupt and finish my sentences with snide comments. People laugh behind my back because you are so clever – you know me so well that it hurts.”

The other two pages say something along the lines of the following (I don’t have the exact wording written down right now). I’ll put the lefthand side in bold so you can see how the wording breaks up.

I can not tell you anything anymore. You keep my secrets posted on MySpace and would never miss a chance to betray me or my trust.

We are like spoiled peas and carrots – not even remotely the same but better off apart than together anymore.

That’s not the exact text but pretty close.

Anyway, he gave me an A-/B+ because I failed to write “made out of dissolving paper, der der der” so I’m going to take it home (once he gives it back) and write that on the copyright page, then turn it back in for an improved grade.

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