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I’m unhappy – and embarrassed – to report that I quite failed at NaNoWriMo for the
second year in a row. Bottomed out halfway through the month with under 25K. The story is still sitting there, but I hit a wall and can’t seem to find my way around/over it. The wall is a plot wall, but it’s also an energy wall. I have no time during the day, and by the time I get home I’m too mentally exhausted to think about writing. It’s good to have a job that takes all of your energy to do, but it’s not exactly very good for your writingfulness. (They say if you want to have a job and be a writer, that you should get the most brain-numbing job you can so that your mind doesn’t get used up on “unimportant” stuff like work.)

I’m hiding from the forums. I’m an ML, and I’ve failed, and I need to reschedule the TGIO, because my dad is going to Germany the next morning and wants to go out to dinner for my birthday first. I’m very uncomfortable with all this. I’m also hiding from all the Xangas whose writers emerged victorious from this year’s November. I wanted to win so badly. 😦

Also, I’m irritated with NaNo – or perhaps the USPS – because I never received our area’s tattooes.


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