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Friday Fun

If you’re reading this blog, then you probably like books. And if you’re a typical person, you probably need clocks. Why not, then, have the best of both worlds by combining the two? And if that’s too bland or minimalist for your decor, it comes in cheerier shades as well.

Next time you need a notebook or a pen, I’ve got some recommendations for you. I actually own that pen, and love it. Great for fidgeting.

How geek (in an awesome way) would it be to own a hard drive solely dedicated to The New Yorker magazine’s entire archives? It’s on sale! (Although I really can’t imagine it… when it comes to magazines, I’m totally a print-edition gal. How else do you read them back-to-front and make your husband crazy?)

Things like this personal library kit always look appealing to me, but I know I’d never use them. For one thing, what would any self-respecting bibliophile do with thirty book pockets? That wouldn’t even take care of one shelf!

These really do smell good. The cherry one is particulary nice.

When you’re just too lazy (or busy communing with your books) to be impatient your own self…

I’ve always liked this style of bookmarks, and this website has one for every taste. They even do custom hookmarks – what I wouldn’t give to have an excuse to make custom bookmarks like these!

For the really smart woman in your life – oops, and there’s an expansion pack!

I’m a music person in addition to a biblioperson, so I was pleased to see this kit for inspired music composition. Not especially practical, but a beautiful gift. This, in the other hand, is eminently practical.

I could almost like this product, but the first sentence of the description just turned me off. Yargh!

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