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I found this beautiful little animated film on Neatorama. It’s called “Papiroflexia,” which is Spanish for origami, and in two whimsical minutes combines some of my favorite things: papercraft, a love of nature, and therianthropy. Enjoy!

EDIT: Apparently WordPress won’t let me embed YouTube videos? Anyway, here’s the link:

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Had to Share…

Fifi says she can smell the fear – in your pants!

(I’ve heard the film hasn’t been staying online for very long in any one place, so if that link is broken, some Googling ought to find a new version.)

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Stardust – This Friday!

I will admit that I haven’t read as much Neil Gaiman as I would like. I first read Good Omens in an airport and on the plane between Portland and Boise – do the math to calculate how devour-worthy that book must be – on loan from the friend who would later become a boyfriend who would later become my husband. I keep meaning to read Anansi Boys; the premise, and the reference to Anansi, really fascinate me. At some point in my not-too-distant past, I read and loved Neverwhere – probably while moping that there was no sequel to Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks. Recently I ate up Coraline (disturbingly wonderful) and Stardust (hilariously beautiful).

Nevertheless, I am a thorough Gaimanophile, or as thorough as one can be without having read the entire Gaiman canon (which, to be sure, is on my to-do list). He’s brilliant, hilarious, not at all hungry for fame or power, cute (oh well, he is), and really very much an artist. He likes bees and dogs, has a great kid and one of those accents that Brits take so much for granted, and – perhaps most importantly – he blogs.  A lot.

That hilariously beautiful book I mentioned before? Stardust? Well, they’ve made it into a movie. It started out as something akin to a graphic novel, became a novel-novel, and now it’s a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, Peter O’Toole, Claire Danes, Robert De Niro, Rupert Everett, Ian McKellen,  and a bunch of other people who were lucky enough to get cast in what is sure to be a fantastic film. I mean, seriously. That’s a helluva cast, isn’t it?

Stardust comes out in the United States on Friday, August 10, and I hereby make it my solemn duty to encourage, demand, beg, cajole, bribe, etc., you to be there on opening night and/or opening weekend.

This is a charming, funny, smart story. It’s got something for everyone in it: action, comedy, romance, beautiful (sometimes naked) women, dishy men, pirates, witches, magic, adventure, quests, betrayal, death, you name it. It’s PG-13 and isn’t billed as a kid’s movie, although Neil says that he saw 6-year-olds at a screening and they loved it. I’ve heard that the cinematography is fantastic, and there’s buzz going about that this might be this decade’s answer to the film version of The Princess Bride.

Pinched from the movie’s website. Gaiman’s the guy with the poster – and I could be quite wrong, but I think the young lady to his left is his awesome daughter and guest-blogger, Maddy. I don’t think I’m wrong.

August 10 is, coincidentally enough, my last day at my current job before I return to school and begin student teaching. Guess how I plan to celebrate? 🙂

PS: I wonder if this will be one of those films that attract costumed viewers. This would be a fun one to dress up for, but I’ve never quite had the nerve. That’s the sort of thing that’s so much easier in a large, slightly tipsy group, don’t you think? If you plan to dress up you simply have to promise me pictures.

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Bourne, Again

Not only does Jason Bourne go all book-fu on the bad guys, but he apparently also uses fountain pens, magazines, and any number of other things to fight the machine. See what the top 5 improvised weapons are, and watch video clips, here.

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Jason Bourne is a Book Ninja

We were going to see Transformers last night, but ended up at The Bourne Ultimatum instead. The Bourne movies enjoy a certain following in Boise, because Matt Damon personally attends big premieres here at Boise’s Egyptian Theater.

It was good. I recommend it, particularly if you’re into the whole car chase/wreckage/fighting/stuff blowing up sort of movie – which, of course, I am.

But even if you aren’t, The Bourne Ultimatum is worth a watch for one of the best book-as-weapon scenes I’ve ever enjoyed. Hooray, book fighting! And, um, ouch.

In fact, there’s a lot of terrific McGyver-style street-fighting in this movie. We were commenting afterwards on how we’d like to play certain scenes in slow motion to make a comprehensive list of all the intriguing makeshift weapons.

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